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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
BC00036-18Image BC00036-18JOA 443NFord Transit mini-busW London 1978
No titles
BC00036-19Image BC00036-19SYO 287NFord D srs boxAlltransport International GroupW London 1978
BC00036-20Image BC00036-20RJH 556LAtkinson Borderer lo-loaderJ Jacques & Sons LtdW London 1978
BC00036-21Image BC00036-21NMG 662LAlbion (ergo)Portable X-Rays LtdPower Road, Chiswick 1978
BC00036-22Image BC00036-22GAE 3DMorris FG Appleyard of LeedsW London 1978
Former ambulance. Thanks to David Powell for supplying the details.
BC00036-23Image BC00036-23TVU 761SBedford TK lutonAvisW London 1978
BC00036-24Image BC00036-24NLB 266PBedford TK lutonWilliamsW London 1978
BC00036-25Image BC00036-25SNB 584RBedford TK lutonAvisW London 1978
BC00036-26Image BC00036-26NRK 87PFord D srs boxLevex (Prints & Fabrics) LtdW London 1978
BC00037-01Image BC00037-01XLY 718SDodge Spacevan tiltWestlon Trucks LtdGorst Road, Ealing 1978
Old phone number now translates to 0208 965 9181 which is Renault Trucks (London) 37-43 Gorst Road Ealing
BC00037-02Image BC00037-02unregisteredDodge (Renault) 300 tractor unitGorst Road, Ealing 1978
Westlon Trucks - 37-43 Gorst Road Ealing which is now Renault Trucks (London)
BC00037-03Image BC00037-03XLY 724SDodge Hi-Line 100 tipperW London 1978
No titles
BC00037-04Image BC00037-04PLB 161RSeddon Atkinson 200 or 300 flatAllportW London 1978
BC00037-05Image BC00037-05JMU 350PCommer Hi-Line 1365 lutonBrenneer FurnitureW London 1978
BC00037-06Image BC00037-06OPP 571HBMC JU lutonW London 1978
No titles
BC00037-07Image BC00037-07VNU 284SDodge Walk-Thru cab reeferPork Farms [Ealing]W London 1978
Non-walk-thru version. Possibly Gorst Road, Ealing.
BC00037-08Image BC00037-08WNW 670SDodge Spacevan vanPheonix Rollers |(Otley) LtdWestlon Trucks, Gorst Road, Ealing 1978
BC00037-09Image BC00037-09Building siteW London 1978
This shot shows site before start of work. See also BC00039-10 and 42-21
BC00037-11Image BC00037-11*** [CH]Volvo F88 tiltUniversal Express AGThe Highway, Wapping 1978
Outside the Free Trade Wharf building, The Highway, Wapping
BC00037-12Image BC00037-12MMU 279LLTI (Carbodies) FX4 London TaxiWapping 1978
BC00037-13Image BC00037-13ULF 133MDodge 500 srs flatPoundcliffWillesden 1978
BC00037-14Image BC00037-14MMD 690CBedford SB Plaxton PanoramaD Cove (Addiscombe Coach Hire)W. London 1978
BC00037-15Image BC00037-15LMT 647KFord D srs tipperMcGuire Contractors Ltd.Location ? 1978
BC00037-16Image BC00037-16VLO 578SDodge Hi-Line 100 boxAlfred Franks & Bartlett Co Ltd (Bartex)Westlon Trucks, Gorst Road, Ealing 1978
BC00037-17Image BC00037-17RLP 791LLeyland Boxer boxLEP Transport LtdPumping Station Road, Chiswick 1978
BC00037-18Image BC00037-18FHV 778JFord D srs boxLEP Transport LtdPumping Station Road, Chiswick 1978
BC00037-19Image BC00037-19SHK 823KFord D srs boxLEP Transport LtdPumping Station Road, Chiswick 1978
BC00037-20Image BC00037-20VKN 641SFord D srs boxLEP Transport LtdPumping Station Road, Chiswick 1978
BC00037-21Image BC00037-21OYU 249RMagirus-Deutz 150 L 10W London 1978
Ex Deutsche Bundespost as mobile home or overland explorer. Thanks to Reimer Dietze for identifying this photo.
BC00037-22Image BC00037-22UML 499LLeyland EA vanLEP Transport LtdPumping Station Road, Chiswick 1978
BC00037-23Image BC00037-23PDA 264RBedford TK boxLEP Transport LtdPumping Station Road, Chiswick 1978
BC00038-01Image BC00038-01XLC 593SSeddon Atkinson 400 flatBOC [4629]Victoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-02Image BC00038-02RJW 41RSeddon Atkinson 400 flatFleet HireVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-03Image BC00038-03NEG 651PERF B srs boxUnited BiscuitsVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
KP Disco's
BC00038-04Image BC00038-04HNM 555NAEC Mandator (ergo) tankerEsso [7347]Victoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-05Image BC00038-05WBH 738MAEC Mandator (ergo) tankerEsso [7235]Victoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-06Image BC00038-0641 RN 85Bedford TK lutonRoyal NavyVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-07Image BC00038-0736 GB 93Bedford TK tiltArmyVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-08Image BC00038-0837 GB 89Bedford TK tiltArmyVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-09Image BC00038-09VMJ 783SLeyland Bison (ergo) tankerEsso [6969]Victoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-10Image BC00038-10DUJ 689LDodge 500 hookloaderMiltiliftVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
waste container
BC00038-11Image BC00038-1152 FJ 28Bedford TK tiltArmyVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-12Image BC00038-12PRK 635RFord D srs boxS S White LtdVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-13Image BC00038-13RLH 622RFord Transit dropsideWilliams BrosVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-14Image BC00038-14NUR 605KFord D srs flatNational CarriersVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-15Image BC00038-15UYW 754SFord D srs boxNational CarriersVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-16Image BC00038-16TPP 751JFord Transit lutonVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
No titles
BC00038-17Image BC00038-1751 FJ 32Bewdford TK tiltArmyVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978
BC00038-18Image BC00038-18JLD 990KFord D srs FlatPost Office / Postal Engineering\",Victoria RoadHillingdon 1978"
BC00038-19Image BC00038-19NUR 777LFord D srs FlatNational CarriersVictoria Road, Hillingdon 1978