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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
BC00033-04Image BC00033-04TLN 149RFord D srs boxWorld Transport AgencyW. London 1977
BC00034-06Image BC00034-06PNK 70LFord Mustang Boss 302 2dr fastback
. Our thanks to John Butler for cataloguing this image
BC00034-07Image BC00034-07AS 3001Pontiac Trans Am 2 door sport coupe
. Our thanks to John Butler for cataloguing this image
BC00034-24Image BC00034-24SUU 869NLeyland FG lutonJ C HuttW London 1977
BC00034-26Image BC00034-26SLN 666RDodge Hi-Line 100 boxAlfred Franks & Bartlett Co Ltd (Bartex)W London 1977
"Bartex" photochromic & polarised sunglasses
BC00034-27Image BC00034-27GCM 149ELeyland PD2/37 Massey Driver training vehicleWallace School of Transport [9]W London 1977
BC00034-28Image BC00034-28Fulham Football Club main entranceCraven Cottage 1977
BC00034-29Image BC00034-29Fulham Football Club turnstile entrancesCraven Cottage 1977
BC00034-30Image BC00034-30NKD 259SVolvo F86 waste tipperFoss Waste DisposalsW. London 1977
BC00034-31Image BC00034-31noneKarrier Hi-line cab Glover Webb & Liversidge waste compactorCity of Westminster [RC365]W. London 1977
New vehicle - unregistered
BC00035-01Image BC00035-01TLU 539MFord D srs boxW. London 1977
No titles
BC00035-02Image BC00035-02OJB 233RBedford KM lutonBembowsW. London 1977
BC00035-03Image BC00035-03JLX 914NFord Transit lutonW. London 1977
No titles
BC00035-04Image BC00035-04WCR 341JLeyland Super Comet tipperMcArdleW. London 1977
BC00035-05Image BC00035-05NPJ 630RFord D srs concrete mixerReady Mixed Concrete ( RMC ) [54607]W. London 1977
BC00035-07Image BC00035-07SLC 992RFord D srs glass transporterElemental MetalworkW. London 1977
BC00035-08Image BC00035-08RLE 570RBedford TK boxRyderW. London 1977
BC00035-09Image BC00035-09TLN 682RBedford TK boxRyderW. London 1977
BC00035-10Image BC00035-10TVU 761SBedford TK lutonAvis Truck RentalW.London 1977
BC00035-11Image BC00035-11ECA 221CBedford TK vanGillett Automotive / Racing LPSW.London 1977
Gillett Lynx was a TVM Yamaha 125 powered go-kart of 1977 vintage
BC00035-12Image BC00035-12WHT 816Bedford tbd PlaxtonW.London 1977
See also HuD0748 for photo taken in 1957.
BC00035-13Image BC00035-13LUC 114AEC Regent III Saunders Roe roofboxW.London 1977
ex RT3955
BC00035-14Image BC00035-14CTM 406DFord tbd Dupleprivate ownerW.London 1977
ex Campings
BC00035-15Image BC00035-15OOG 457GLeyland FG insulated vanG E White & Sons (Butchers)W.London 1977
BC00035-18Image BC00035-183035 HABMMO D9 open topLondon Transport [OM6]London 1977
Route: Round London Sightseeing Tour
BC00035-19Image BC00035-19LUC 114AEC Regent III Saunders Roe roofboxW.London 1977
ex RT3955
BC00035-20Image BC00035-20HYT 157KFord D srs brick block carrierW. London 1977
No titles
BC00035-21Image BC00035-21LGN 478KAEC Marshall tipperThames HaulageW. London 1977
BC00035-22Image BC00035-22EVP 691DFord R192 Duple Empressprivate ownerW. London 1977
BC00035-24Image BC00035-24PVS 103RBedford YMT Duple DominantValliantW. London 1977
BC00035-25Image BC00035-25KBY 829PCommer Hi-Line 100 boxAutomatic Catering Supplies Ltd (ACS) [1]W. London 1977
BC00035-26Image BC00035-26201 LH 30 [F]Citroen HY vanClaudelW. London 1977
BC00035-27Image BC00035-27243 FHTtbd tbd Duple VegaSea ScoutsW. London 1977
BC00036-01Image BC00036-01348122-NO [I]Fiat 170 tiltSopa-Spedy InternationalW. London 1978
BC00036-02Image BC00036-02XJO 902RVolvo F88 stepframe boxW. London 1978
No titles
BC00036-03Image BC00036-03NPJ 681LAlbion LAD cab skip loaderno titles ( F Ward ?)W. London 1978
Colour of cab is same as F Ward who also park in this road.
BC00036-04Image BC00036-04NYK 412LLeyland Comet skip loaderno titles ( F Ward ?)W. London 1978
Colour of cab is same as F Ward who also park in this road.
BC00036-05Image BC00036-05KPP 873LScammell Routeman II tipperF Ward (Haulage)W. London 1978
BC00036-06Image BC00036-06SUC 6NAEC/Leyland Mercury skip loaderno titlesW. London 1978
BC00036-07Image BC00036-07XLE 991GAEC Mammoth Major (ergo) tipperno titles ( F Ward ?)W. London 1978
Colour of cab is same as F Ward who also park in this road.
BC00036-08Image BC00036-08Y45197-MI [I]Mercedes-Benz 1932 tiltW. London 1978
No titles
BC00036-09Image BC00036-09JHA 552LAEC/Leyland Mercury (Ergo) skip loaderNo titlesW. London 1978
Manns "Avenue Stores" (pub) in distance
BC00036-10Image BC00036-10BRR 353HScammell Routeman II tipperF Ward (Haulage)W. London 1978
BC00036-11Image BC00036-11OYV 950LDodge 500 srs tipperW. London 1978
No titles
BC00036-12Image BC00036-12RUU 517RFord A srsAA Relay ServiceW. London 1978
BC00036-13Image BC00036-13YGF 598SFord A srs dropsideHutchings & KeasleyW London 1978
BC00036-14Image BC00036-14276073-VC [I]Magirus Deutz 310D19 tiltW London 1978
Our thanks to Massimo Condolo for correcting our information.
BC00036-15Image BC00036-15WAH 309SLeyland Terrier boxAli-Vini CoW London 1978
BC00036-16Image BC00036-16MYY 730LCommer Walk Thru vanPortable X-RaysW London 1978
BC00036-17Image BC00036-17SLR 886FFord D srs dropsideLEPW London 1978