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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
VS00790Request PreviewFXE 535Singer ? saloon
VS00791Request PreviewKXP 161Humber Siper Snipe convertable
VS00792Request PreviewPYA 854Humber Siper Sniperally
VS00793Request PreviewHXH 560Humber tbd
VS00794Request PreviewCUW 200Humber (?) saloon
VS00795Request PreviewWUV 974Humber Hawk
VS00796Request PreviewARW 409Humber (?) saloon
VS00797Request PreviewWPN 467Hillman Minx Mk 5
VS00798Request Preview21 DGXHillman Minx Mk 5
VS00799Request Preview533 FYVHillman Imp
VS00800Request PreviewXXU 563Hillman Minx
VS00801Request PreviewELF 180Hillman (?) tbd
VS00802Request PreviewJYE 823Humber saloon
VS00803Request PreviewRRP 64Hilman Minx Mk 4
VS00804Request PreviewHMU 702Hilman tbd
thick neg
VS00805Request PreviewYLH 988Hilman tbd
thick neg
VS00808Request PreviewJLD 316Morris tbd light vanrally
VS00810Request PreviewNHG 469Morris FK pantechniconGoales Transport [257]
VS00811Request PreviewLLY 502Morris Commercial tbd vanCity of Westminster [PV256]
VS00812Request PreviewMorris Commercial (?)
unidentified wheeled crane on the road. Any ideas?
VS00815Request PreviewLYO 137Morris taxi
VS00816Request PreviewAE? 507AEC Mammoth flat
No titles
VS00818Request PreviewAJD 59AEC Mammoth Major tankerMonkton Motors [33]
VS00819Request PreviewKXU 645AEC Mammoth Major coke lorry (?)S M Tidy
VS00820Request PreviewKLA 373AEC Mammoth Major coke lorry (?)S M Tidy
VS00823Request Preview132 CYHAEC Mammoth Major milk tankerExpress Dairy [2641]
VS00824Request PreviewUYP 919AEC Mammoth Major tankerShell-Mex & B PLDY(?)
VS00826Request PreviewVXN 522AEC Mammoth Major milk tankerExpress Dairy [2072]
VS00828Request PreviewBYY 672AEC Mammoth Major tankerMonkton Motors [25]
VS00830Request Preview129 BXAAEC Mammoth Major milk tankerExpress Dairy [2459]LDY
VS00832Request PreviewNMT 744EAEC Mammoth Major tankerShell-Mex & BP [19273]AEC Works
Rear end of second vehicle behind.
VS00833Request PreviewHYN 740 [?]AEC Mammoth Major flatBritish Road Services (BRS)
very blured
VS00834Request Preview970 KMDAEC Mammoth Major bulk tipperLion Wharf Ltd
tail end out of shot
VS00836Request Preview212 DOAAEC Mammoth Major dropsideAccles & Pollock (TI)
VS00837-aRequest PreviewXGA 194AEC Mammoth Major mobile drilling rigWhatlings
same as VS00837b (duplicate entry - diff Main Type)
VS00837-bRequest PreviewXGA 194AEC Mammoth MajorWhatlings
same as VS00837a (duplicate entry - diff Main Type)
VS00841Request Preview307 HAEC tbd draypreservedBrighton
VS00844Request PreviewKGN 366AEC Mercury tankerMonkton Motors [113]
VS00848Request Preview338 EYKAEC Mercury York iunsulated boxPremier Supermarkets [2934]
VS00850Request Preview643 BGJAEC Mercury boxRenault
VS00852Request Preview622 AULAEC Mercury flat
No titles
VS00861Request PreviewDJJ 473CLeyland Super Comet dropsideHay-Lambert Ltd [4]
VS00862Request PreviewEB 9734tbd tbd fire enginepreservedrally
VS00865Request Preview806 FMYLeyland Comet box
No titles
VS00866Request PreviewKYY 983Leyland Comet tipperLondon Transport C&S Chiswick [948L]
to be confirmed
VS00870Request Preview205 GC [Tr]Leyland tbd recovery vehicleCrosse & BlackwellBrighton (rally)
VS00871Request PreviewRF 9571Leyland tbd flatrally
VS00872Request Preview1573 C [Tr]Leyland tbd flatTherm Products (Preserved)rally
VS00874Request PreviewPDD 336Leyland Hippo flatR & W Febry & Sons [51]
VS00876Request PreviewJJE 200Leyland Hippo flatSmedley's