In no particular order, these are sites that we find reliable when cataloguing negatives in the archive.

This is an outstanding and extensively illustrated site telling the story of the Buccaneer with full histories for each airframe from manufacture right through to their eventual fate. Well worth a visit, if only to see how a type dedicated web site SHOULD look. A MUST FOR ALL AVIOLOGISTS.

PILATUS PORTER by Markus Herzig
A well maintained site by Markus Herzig detailing just about everything you might want to know about the Pilatus Porter. Loads of photos, technical info and up-to-date production lists.

Exactly what is says. Another superb site by Markus

Joachim Lippl’s excelent site devoted to German registered helicopters, autogyros and gyrocopters with histories and sightings.

Search the German Civil Register by “Dave” and “Carl”
The original Coptercrazy web site appears to have gone off-line (3/2/2015) but it is still possible to search their German register on this link. Please let me know if you find it to has died.


GINFO Database Search
The UK Civil Aviation Authority’s search facility for the UK Civil Register. Find registrations by type or identify an old registration. Don’t forget to tick the “View De-Registered Aircraft” box!



UK Military Aircraft Serials
This is a work of monumental proportions by Tom McGhee and the Wolverhampton Aviation Group listing all British Military serial allocations from VA through ZZ. The site includes some history for each aircraft and important dates such as when taken on charge and struck off. Well worth a visit.

Dutch Civil Register
Very clean Dutch register presentation by Herman Dekker. Part of the Flash-Aviation website, it has no search facility but is easy to trawl or search using >F on your keyboard.

Vickers Viscount Network
Comprehensive listing of Viscounts with a good search facility.

BAC One Eleven
Nice site with lots of info on the type and a Production List giving the initial operators. Jolly useful links list too.

Canadian Civil Register
Search the complete register – both historic and current.

Canadian Military Serials
Complimenting the official Canadian civil site above, this unofficial military site by Bill Walker aims to list all aircraft with connections to the various branches of the Canadian military.

U S Military Aviation
Joe Baugher’s web site is the stuff of legend. Superbly documented listing of all US military aircraft with brief histories where known.

Australian & New Zealand Military Aircraft Serials & History
A well administered site that does exactly what is says on the box.

Golden Years of Aviation
A spin-off from the HP.42 project and probably the only Art-Deco style aviation web site, it has some very useful pre WWII registers.

Britten-Norman Islanders
The home of Britten-Norman Historians. You can buy back issues of Islander News from this site. Islander News is no longer published but anybody wishing to research the aircraft could do a lot worse than buy from here. PayPal is accepted.


Civil TBM Avengers
Chris Adam’s superb site detailing the histories of the Canadian TBMs used for forestry protection work. There is an eBook coming later.


Aircraft models and books
Tony and Jan Eastwood have been involved in the aviation enthusiast scene for….well, it seems like ever. Tony’s name will be found on the cover of many of the better aviation reference books and production lists whilst their stall selling kits and books is a familiar feature at aviation shows and enthusiast meets. Their web site and shop are well worth a visit.


Lorries of Scotland by Mr Munkle
Loads of stuff about Scottish hauliers – Is building up into a major listing of all Scottish hauliers past and present.

Bus Lists on the Web by ?
Comprehinsive lists of post WW II passenger vehicles when new. No info on subsequent histories but probably one of the best, if not THE best, resources around.

Classic Refuse Trucks by Eric Voytko
A developing web site devoted to dry waste trucks, compactors, skiploaders etc. If you can add any information about the development of these vehicles or the firms that built them, or if you have any interesting photos illustrating aspects not yet covered, then Eric would like to hear from you.

Bristol Vehicles Website
This website contains a history of Bristol vehicles which were built by Bristol Commercial Vehicles Limited. A developing website with individual vehicle histories.

Ian’s Bus Stop
Ian Smith’s outstanding web site is – well, outstanding! Everything that’s currently known about the individual histories of London Transport and TFL vehicles. If anybody spots any errors or has any additional info they are invited to let him know.

Red RF.Com
Everything you ever wanted to know about the red RFs in London Transport service but were afraid to ask. Peter Osborn’s web site is packed with well written and well researched histories of the routes operated by the RFs from the early, pre RF, days. If you can contribute to this site Peter would like to hear from you.

Glen Kemp’s excellent web site about surviving Gipsys around the world – you’ll be surprised just how widespread they are. If you are lucky enough to own one, or if you know about one tucked away in some forgotten corner that isn’t mentioned on Glenn’s site, please get in touch and let him know about it.

East Kent Nostalgic Bus & Coach Trust
This is a new (2012) web site being developed by the Trust devoted to everything East Kent. Watch it develop.