Collection Policy


Material for the NA3T Collection shall be restricted to original, but not digital, images of any form of transport throughout its life-cycle. The collection shall not extend to images of subjects photographed whilst preserved unless they form part of a larger image collection.

The NA3T shall also seek to collect original images of events, facilities, buildings and supporting infrastructures appropriate to the main collection or illustrating the social, economic or environmental impact of travel and trade including, where appropriate, working conditions and people.

Whenever possible, the NA3T shall endeavour to preserve collections of work by individuals or groups as complete collections attributed to the photographer(s) concerned unless otherwise directed.


Original Image

This is the media on which the image was first recorded. In the context of the NA3T this is the original negative or transparency. Any first or subsequent generation image such as a photographic print, duplicate transparency or copy negative is excluded from our collection policy except where the original image is held by us but has deteriorated, or is likely to deteriorate, to such an extent as to render it unusable, in which case a working copy (which may be digital) shall be produced.


The definitions below shall apply equally to British or foreign designed, built or operated equipment in civil, military or para-military use in any location worldwide.

  • Maritime Vessels of all types, tugs, ports and harbours, dry docks, cranes and other items of maritime or inland waterway infrastructure but excluding items in conservation / preservation.
  • Aircraft of all types including, but not restricted to, fixed wing, rotary wing, lighter than air, rockets and ground effect machines, airfields, control towers, hangars, termini and other items of the aviation infrastructure but excluding aircraft in museums.
  • Railways including engines, trains, stations, wagons, coaches, yards, sheds and other items of railway infrastructure but excluding items in conservation / preservation.
  • Road transport including horse drawn vehicles, commercial vehicles (CVs), passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs), vans, motorcars, armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), tractors and other specialist vehicles and self propelled machinery or plant, garages, yards, factories, bus stations, street scenes and related public buildings but excluding items of road transport in conservation / preservation.
  • Other forms of transport used for commercial, humanitarian, law enforcement, offensive or defensive purposes and transport, plant or related structures and equipment not covered above.


Anything connected with the movement of people and goods.


All activities connected with the design, manufacture, distribution, sale, and disposal of goods and commodities including mining, power, construction, advertising and other industries.