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Cat#PreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualitysort iconRemarks
AB01053Image AB01053L9705Miles M.3E Falcon SixRAFReading c1950
"Gillette" Falcon with experimental thin wing (Photo not sharp)
AB01054Image AB01054G-AEV*Miles M.11A Whitney StraightWoodley c1950
Registration difficult to read - Based on the colour scheme and what looks to be the letters EV on the fuselarg we believe this is either G-AEVA or G-AEVG but are open to other suggestions.
AB01055Image AB01055G-AIDHMiles M.38 Messenger 2a [6340]Reading c1950
not sharp
AB01056Image AB01056G-AKKDMiles M.65 Gemini 1a [6531]Reading c1950
not sharp
AB01057Image AB01057OO-AUXDouglas DC-3SabenaHeathrow c1950
not sharp Beneath tail of NC90922, PAA Connie
AB01058Image AB01058Miles M.65 GeminiReading c1950
Nose art 'City of New Sarum' - not sharp
AB01059Image AB01059G-AJMVPercival P.31 Proctor 4 [H759]Reading c1950
not sharp
AB01060Image AB01060G-AHYGConsolidated Vultee LB30 Liberator Mk II [101]BOACHeathrow c1950
not sharp
AB01071Image AB01071G-AGRJAvro 688 Tudor I [1258]BSAA
Grainy image - not sharp
AB01072Image AB01072HB-EKSMiles M.65 Gemini [6458]Reading c1950
not sharp
AB01073Image AB01073OO-AMIAuster J/1 Autocrat [1975]c1950
not sharp
AB01074Image AB01074OO-XAKShort Stirling Mk Vc1950
Previously PK135 or PK136 - not sharp
AB01076Image AB01076PH-AAABücker Bü 181 Bestmann [331365]c1950
not sharp
AB01077Image AB01077Miles M.57 AerovanReading c1950
not sharp c/u of engine nacelle
AB01078Image AB01078G-AHEHAirspeed AS 65 Consul [3362]British Air TransportRedhill 1948
not sharp
AB01080Image AB01080G-AHCKAuster J/1 Autocrat [1973]Redhill 1948
not sharp
AB01082Image AB01082G-AJEDAuster J/1 Autocrat [2308]Redhill 1948
not sharp
AB01083Image AB01083G-AGWTMiles M.7a Nighthawk [286]Redhill 1948
not sharp. thick neg
AB01084Image AB01084G-AIYBMiles M.14a Hawk Trainer 3 [1840]Redhill 1948
not sharp.
AB01092Image AB01092TF-RVHDouglas C-54A [7485]LoftleidirHeathrow 1948
not sharp. Former USAAF serial (107466) and buzz number can still be seen etched on fin!
AB01093Image AB01093LV-AFZAvro 685 York Mk.1 [1356]Flota Aerea Mercante Argentina (FAMA)Heathrow 1948
blured. Became G-AMGK
AB01094Image AB01094G-AGKJDouglas C-47B Skytrain [14660/26105]BOACHeathrow 1948
blured . Mobile approach radar in background
AB01095Image AB01095G-AIUMde Havilland DH 89a Rapide [6519]Heathrow 1948
AB01099Image AB01099EE426Gloster Meteor F3RAFGatwick 1948
Very poor negative
AB01105Image AB01105N88868Lockheed L-049 Constellation [2067]PAAHeathrow 23/4/49
not sharp
AB01111Image AB01111G-ALFZPercival P.50 Prince 2 [P.50/02]Percival AircraftLuton 8/1/49
In dark hangar with prototype Prentice. Registration visible but not much else! (Also dusty geg - will not clean)
AB01116Image AB01116G-AIVXShort S-6 Sealand [SH.1555]SBAC Farnborough 1948
not sharp
AB01117Image AB01117G-AHRFVickers V.630 Viscount [1]Vickers ArmstrongSBAC Farnborough 1948
not sharp
AB01118Image AB01118VW897Boulton & Paul Balliol PrototypeBoTSBAC Farnborough 1948
not sharp
AB01120Image AB01120TG527Handley Page HastingsRAFSBAC Farnborough 1948
not sharp
AB01125Image AB01125G-AIFOBristol 170 Freighter 21e [12775]SBAC Farnborough 1948
not sharp
AB01126Image AB01126G-AHRFVickers V.630 Viscount [1]SBAC Farnborough 1948
taxying - not sharp
AB01191Image AB01191KN841Sikorsky Hoverfly II (R-6A)RAFSBAC Farnborough c1949
AB01199Image AB01199F-BCOFStampe SV-4C [357]Aero Club de Air France
AB01272Image AB01272RD809Bristol 156 Beaufighter TT.1034 Sq RAF [8Q:A]Hendon (?)
Poor quality shot
AB01273Image AB01273G-AIZVAuster J/1 Autocrat [2229]Herts & EssexAero ClubBroxbourne Aerodrome
Slight movement blur
AB01278-d1Image AB01278-d1PS6**de Havilland DH Mosquito PR 34540 Sq RAF [DH:T]Farnborough 9/1949
Detail from original negative.
AB01278-d2Image AB01278-d2PS834Supermarine Spitfire PR XIX541 Sq RAF [WY:R]Farnborough 9/1949
Detail from original negative.
AB01281Image AB01281DH 89A Dragon Rapide G-AGZU and Auster Autocrat G-AIZV of Herts & Essex Aero ClubHerts & Essex Aero Club aircraftHerts & Essex Aero ClubO/h Broxbourne
DH 89A Dragon Rapide G-AGZU and Auster Autocrat G-AIZV in formation. Small images
AB01307Image AB01307OO-AWOConvair CV-240-12 Convairliner [153]SabenaHeathrow c1949
Not sharp
AB01336-d2Image AB01336-d2****7Handley Page Halifax C VIIILondon Aero Motor ServicesStanstead c1949
Unconverted aircraft with nose in different c/s to rest of fuslarge Same a/c as AB01275)
AB01337Image AB01337G-AIXWAvro 652a Anson I
Not sharp. Aircraft carries titles but difficult to read - something Aviation
AB01338Image AB01338G-ALRYPercival P.54 Prince 1 [P.50-08]Hunting AerosurveysySBAC Farnborough 1949
AB01364Image AB01364G-ALIKWestland S51 Srs 2 Widgeon [WA/H/3]Westland AircraftSBAC Farnborough 1955
not sharp
AB01374Image AB01374MF628Vickers Wellington T.1019 MU RAFHatfield 14/6/1953
50 Years of Aviation' Garden Party - flypast - not sharp
AB01385-d1Image AB01385-d1Fairey Barracuda
derelict aircraft with yagi aerials fitted above wings. Possibly a MkII with ASV II radar. Detail from original negative
AB01439Image AB01439G-ABDFde Havilland DH.80a Puss Moth [2057]
not sharp
AB01454Image AB01454G-37-1Avro Tyne LincolnRolls RoyceSBAC Farnborough 9/1956
Not sharp
AB01455Image AB01455PK-GHBde Havilland DH 114 Heron [14015]Garuda Indonesian AirwaysSBAC Farnborough 9/1953
Grainy neg with public in shot
AB01456Image AB01456G-ALBNBristol 173 Mk.1 [12871]Bristol Aeroplane CompanySBAC Farnborough 9/1952
Public in shot