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Cat#Previewsort iconIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00616Image AB00616BM774Airspeed A.S.10 Oxford IIRAF [VI:]Gatow (?) 6/48
AB00617Image AB00617MW232Avro York C1RAFGatow 2/49
Berlin Airlift (Poor negative - will print better than scan) Photographed when delivering 100,000th ton delivered to Berlin by the RAF (Poor negative - will print better than scan) Later preserved at Duxford as G-ANTK.
AB00618Image AB00618MW298Avro York C1YY:A RAFGatow 2/49
Berlin Airlift (Slight damage to negative)
AB00619Image AB00619Westland WS 51 Dragonfly HAR3FD:981 RNFord
Demo rescue at Navy Day
AB00620Image AB00620RNAS Lee-on-Solent control towertbd tbdRoyal Navy Royal NavyLee-on-Solent
AB00621Image AB00621HB-FEFPilatus PC-6/B1-H2 Turbo Porter (Floats) [659]Pilatus FlugzeugwerkeParis Air Show 1975
Air show number 352
AB00622Image AB00622G-AOZLAuster J/5Q Alpine [3202]Elstree
AB00623Image AB00623Avro LancastrianBOACKallang, Singapore 1950
distant shot
AB00624Image AB00624VR-SCNDouglas DC-3Malayan Airways ["Nightingale"]Kallang, Singapore 1950
AB00625Image AB00625VR-Douglas DC-3Malayan AirwaysKallang, Singapore 1950
Registration not discernable but nice shot of gardens in front of airport building.
AB00626Image AB00626VR-SCMDouglas DC-3Malayan AirwaysKallang, Singapore 1948/49
AB00627Image AB00627VR-SDGAuster 5Royal Singapore Flying ClubKallang, Singapore 1952
Also Tiger Moth VR-SDA, Auster 5 (In hangar) VR-SDE and Tiger Moth possibly VR-SCY, with Royal Singapore Flying Club hangar clearly in shot and two Malayan Airways DC-3s beyond.
AB00628Image AB00628Short Sunderland205/9 Sq RAF [Y]Kallang, Singapore 1952
Very much in the distance but fine view of Kallang apron and control tower with crowds. Possibly Coronation celebrations?
AB00629Image AB00629PP**2Short Sunderland205/9 Sq RAFKallang, Singapore 1952
Grainy shot. Serial partly obscured by float.
AB00630Image AB00630F-BIMGSociete Menavia CP 301A [233]Shoreham
AB00631Image AB00631N14635Kinner Sportster
AB00632Image AB00632N16592Waco YKS-6
Thanks to Loet Kuipers for helping to identify the model.
AB00633Image AB00633G-AHRYPercival P.30 Proctor 2 [H192]
AB00634Image AB00634G-AMVPTipsy Junior [J.111]
AB00635Image AB00635D-CAFULear Learstar [180-2499]Blackbushe 4/9/56
AB00636Image AB00636G-AECZde Havilland DH 84 Dragon Mk.2 [6105]Gatwick c1950
AB00637Image AB00637G-ADGPMiles M.2l Hawk Six [160]White Waltham c1950
AB00640Image AB00640N2450EAeronca S7CCM floatplane
taxying out
AB00641Image AB00641N24WLear Learstar [2613]Blackbushe
AB00642Image AB00642G-AIYNArmstrong Whitworth AW.55 Apollo [AW.3137]SBAC Farnborough 1950
not sharp
AB00643Image AB00643D8096 [G-AEPH]Bristol Fighter F2b [7575]Shuttleworth TrustWhite Waltham 2/5/51
RAeS Garden Party
AB00644Image AB00644G-AMAUHawker Hurricane IIHawker AircraftWhite Waltham 2/5/51
RAeS Garden Party
AB00645Image AB00645G-varSBAC Farnborough c1950
G-AHRF and G-ALDA. Distant shot
AB00646Image AB00646G-Blériot Monoplane (Rep)White Waltham 2/5/51
RAeS Garden Party
AB00647Image AB00647G-AFCIShort S-26 [S.871]BOAC ["Golden Hind"]Hamworthy c1950
One of three moored aircraft - distant shot
AB00649Image AB00649G-AMGKAvro 685 York C.1 [1356]Eagle AviationLuton 10/3/51
Aircraft with outer wings removed (to clear hangar doors) being towed out of hangar. Part of negative missing but very rare photo!
AB00650Image AB00650G-AMGKAvro 685 York C.1 [1356]Eagle AviationLuton 10/3/51
Aircraft with outer wings removed (to clear hangar doors) being towed out of hangar. Shot from inside hangar looking out. Regn not vis.
AB00651Image AB00651G-AMGKAvro 685 York C.1 [1356]Eagle AviationLuton 10/3/51
Aircraft with outer wings removed (to clear hangar doors) clear of hangar. Regn not vis.
AB00652Image AB00652Gloster Meteor F.IV TestbedsRAFSBAC Farnborough 10/9/49
RA435 fitted with afterburners and RA491 fitted with Rolls Royce Avons
AB00652-d1Image AB00652-d1RA435Gloster Meteor F.IV TestbedRAFSBAC Farnborough 10/9/49
Fitted with afterburners
AB00652-d2Image AB00652-d2RA491Gloster Meteor F.IV Avon TestbedRAFSBAC Farnborough 10/9/49
Prototype markings
AB00653Image AB00653Gloster Meteor F.IV203 AFS RAF [FMJ:V]SBAC Farnborough 8/7/50
203 Advanced Flying School (RAF Stradishall). Thanks to Roger Emett for identifing the unit and confirming the code. This is a VERY grainy image.
AB00654Image AB00654VX642Hawker Sea Fury FB.11RNSBAC Farnborough 10/9/49
AB00655Image AB00655G-AEXFPercival P.6 Mew Gull [E.22 & PFA/13-1]RAeS Garden Party White Waltham 2/5/51
White overall without registration
AB00656Image AB00656D8096 [G-AEPH]Bristol Fighter F2b [7575]Shuttleworth CollectionRAeS Garden Party White Waltham 2/5/51
Slight fogging along lower edge of film
AB00657Image AB00657D8096 [G-AEPH]Bristol Fighter F2b [7575]Shuttleworth CollectionRAeS Garden Party White Waltham 2/5/51
AB00658Image AB00658F-BEEPSalmson D2.P3 Phrygane [13]
Hangar shot in poor light
AB00659Image AB00659F-BFRCMooney 20 Mite [1078]
AB00660Image AB00660HB-EDMMorane-Saulnier MS 885 Super Rallye [142]
AB00662Image AB00662N220BGrumman Gulfstream [56]BechtelHeathrow
AB00663Image AB00663N1234XGrumman Gulfstream [55]Heathrow
AB00665Image AB00665N90433Douglas DC-4 [10410]Flying Tiger LineHeathrow
Night shot
AB00666Image AB00666G-ASJIBAC One Eleven 201ac [BAC .013]British UnitedGatwick
AB00669Image AB00669N9893ZCurtiss C-46D Commando [32970]lsd LufthansaHeathrow
Capitol Airways lsd to Lufthansa
AB00671Image AB00671I-CKETGrumman Gulfstream [57]FiatHeathrow