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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00447Request PreviewN3272GNorth American SNJ-5 TexanWest Bend, Wisc 26/4/61
BuAer 84826
AB00448Request PreviewN62HBohuer-Hershiser Playboy [BH11]Rockford 6/8/59
AB00449Request PreviewN828KGreat Lakes 2T-1A 2T-1AMercer County (West Trenton NJ) 5/2/59
AB00450Request PreviewN18896Aeronca K [K-165]Rockford 9/8/59
AB00451Image AB00451N23332Piper J-4 CubBrown Deer, Wisc 1953
AB00452Request PreviewN9201RLockheed JetStarAllentown 25/4/61
AB00453Request PreviewN18904Ryan STAReading, PA 6/62
thick neg
AB00454Image AB00454N1130ELockheed HerculesLockheedWhenuapai NZ 17/7/64
AB00455Request PreviewOE-VABde Havilland Vampire F1Cointrin 2/4/60
number 28026 stenciled on tail boom (c/n or mil serial?)
AB00456Image AB00456N5132BCurtiss C-46 CommandoRiddle
AB00457Request PreviewHB-EGEBeech 35 BonanzaCointrin 22/6/60
AB00458Image AB00458HB-EBIBücker Bu 181Blecherette 1/5/60
AB00459Request PreviewOE-VACde Havilland VampireCointrin 22/6/60
number 28017 stenciled on tail boom (c/n or mil serial?)
AB00460Request PreviewN68003Howard DGA-15
AB00461Request PreviewOK-OHALet L.200A MoravaBagington 30/4/61
AB00462Request PreviewOK-NHFAero 145Bagington 30/4/61
AB00463Request PreviewN8887Cessna T-50 Bobcat
AB00464Request PreviewHB-ETBAeronca MonarchCointrin 22/6/60
AB00465Image AB00465F-WIEHSud Aviation Alouette II [1590-297]HEERLe Bourget 6/61
Temp markings painted over HEER code PU336 (NB NOT PJ336!)
AB00466Request PreviewHB-MIDBücker Jungmann
AB00467Request PreviewHB-OAKPiper J-3 CubCointrin 22/6/60
AB00468Image AB00468N5749XCessna 320 Skyknight [320-0049]Ardmore,NZ 1/62
Later VH-FJW and crashes as such at Bankstown 09/12/1076 whilst makinga single engine approach.
AB00469Request PreviewN4861PPiper PA-23 AztecLe Bourget 30/5/61
AB00470Request PreviewHB-EIBBeech 35-33 DebonairCointrin 2/4/60
AB00471Image AB00471HB-FAPPilatus Porter (Skis)Cointrin 22/6/60
AB00472Image AB00472N379BBeech E18S [BA-428]
Our thanks to Bob Parmerter for identifying the type. - thin neg
AB00473Request PreviewN936BBeech Queen AirLondon 3/61
AB00474Request PreviewG-APTEWestland WS.51 Mk.2 [WA/H/149]Bristow Helicopters LtdWoburn Pk. 10/5/59
AB00475Request PreviewHB-COKCessna 170Maurice DuvalCointrin 22/6/60
AB00476Request PreviewVH-CJDPiper PA-22 CaribbeanRockhampton 15/7/60
AB00477Request PreviewG-ALWHPercival P.50 Prince 2 [P.50/10]SperryBiggin Hill 9/4/60
thin neg
AB00478Request PreviewVH-GPABeech 35 BonanzaBankstown
AB00479Request PreviewVH-RJCCessna 175A SkylarkRockhampton 1/7/60
poor neg
AB00480Image AB00480N80324Beech D18S [A-234]Birdsboro
Our thanks to Bob Parmerter for identifying the type.
AB00481Image AB00481MT-3Fouga CM170 Magister [260]BelgAFLe Bourget 15/6/63
AB00482Image AB00482HV:P [N347D]Republic P-47D-15-RA Thunderbolt [1029]Andrews 5/64
AB00483Request PreviewN6526DNorth American P-51D MustangByrd Field
following landing accident
AB00484Image AB00484N3032Aero Commander 680SRepublic Steel
AB00485Request PreviewN3032ZPiper PA-22 Caribbean
AB00486Image AB00486NC44604Beech D18S [A-12]
AB00487Image AB00487N2974Grumman G-73 Mallard [J-36]Republic Oil Refining Co
AB00488Request PreviewN3031Lockheed Super Ventura
AB00489Request PreviewUSAAC 40-2344 [nk]North American B-25 MitchellWright Patterson 2/8/62
AB00490Image AB00490PH-NGVNHI H-3 KolibrieNederlandse Helicopter Industrie
On mobile landing platform
AB00491Image AB00491HB-OGTPiper CubCointrin 2/4/60
AB00492Image AB00492N4030AJP Special A-1 [1]Kenneth E MortagReading PA 8/6/62
Type subject to confirmation
AB00493Image AB00493HB-IRFDouglas DC-3Swiss Air LinesCointrin 2/4/60
small image
AB00494Image AB00494HB-HOAPilatus P3Cointrin 22/6/60
AB00495Image AB00495N16817Fairchild F24C-8F Argus [3118]
AB00496Image AB00496N10438Beech T-34 Mentor