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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00397Request PreviewVH-ROYCessna 172 SkyhawkRockhampton 16/9/60
AB00398Image AB00398VH-ASIAuster J/1 AutocratRockhampton 15/7/60
AB00399Request PreviewVH-CEJde Havilland DH 82a Tiger MothRockhampton 19/6/60
AB00400Request PreviewN4917BBeech C 50 [CH315]Mitchell Field, Mil 19/12/59
AB00401Image AB00401N962BHBeech E18S [BA224]Ben Hur Mfg CoMitchell Field, Mil 26/3/60
AB00402Request PreviewN2660BAero Commander 560 [160]Van'sMitchell Field, Mil 6/11/54
AB00403Request PreviewVH-SCCPercival ProctorRockhampton 16/9/60
AB00404Request PreviewVH-MRHPiper PA-24 Comanche
AB00405Request PreviewVH-MPMCessna 175A Skylark
AB00406Image AB00406N2600CCessna 310 [35000 (?)]Willow Run, Mich 1954
AB00407Image AB00407N827WOn Mark Marksman [27805]Reading, Pa 6/8/61
Originally Douglas B-26B Invader (44-34526)
AB00408Request PreviewN375Stits Playboy [221-A]Rockford, Ill 9/8/59
AB00409Request PreviewN441YHocker-Derian tbd [1]Rockford, Ill 4/8/61
AB00410Image AB00410N6831DHill-Kemman HK1Keith A HillRockford, Ill 8/8/59
built and operated by Keith A Hill and Roger Kemman of Beloit, Wisconsin.
AB00411Request PreviewN44PXWittman TailwindGreater Rockford, Ill 8/4/61
AB00412Request PreviewN1865BLuscombe 8FMaitland Strip, Mil 1948
AB00413Request PreviewN81CRBeech D-50Collins Radio CorpMitchell Field, Mil 26/3/60
AB00414Request PreviewN451DNorth American P-51D-25-NA MustangReading, Pa 8/6/61
ex 44-73260
AB00415Request PreviewN451DNorth American P-51D-25-NA MustangReading, Pa 8/6/61
ex 44-73260, Regn obscured by wing tiptank
AB00416Request PreviewCF-JRJPiper PA-23 Apache
AB00417Request PreviewVH-RKBCessna 150Rockhampton 7/7/61
AB00418Image AB00418VH-RLJde Havilland DH 82A Tiger MothRockhampton 14/6/60
Regn partly obscured by wing.
AB00419Request PreviewVH-RFJCessna 150Moorabbin 24/11/59
AB00420Request PreviewVH-RKBCessna 150Rockhampton 16/9/60
AB00421Request PreviewVH-CRTBeech C18 ExpeditorThiess Bros Ltd
AB00422Request PreviewN75555Beech C18SWalker Mfg CoMitchell Field 3/6/50
AB00423Request PreviewNC61834Cessna UC-78B BobcatCurtiss Wright Fld, Granville, Wisc 29/6/46
AB00424Request PreviewVH-PCFde Havilland DH 82A Tiger MothRockhampton 1959
AB00425Request PreviewNC42822Piper J-3c-65 CubMitchell Field 28/11/53
AB00426Request PreviewN90212Johnson RocketCurtiss Wright Fld, Granville, Wisc 8/8/54
AB00427Image AB00427N95400Grumman G-21A Goose [1077]Garland Manufacturing CoCurtiss Wright Fld, Granville, Wisc 3/5/56
AB00428Image AB00428N3187VBeech B35 BonanzaMitchell Field, Mil 19/4/52
AB00429Image AB00429VH-KRACessna 310BRockhampton 14/6/60
AB00430Request PreviewVH-INQBristol 171 SycamoreAnsett-ANARockhampton 14/6/60
AB00431Request PreviewVH-KAZAuster J/1B AigletRockhampton 1959
AB00432Request PreviewN16900Fairchild F24C ArgusCurtiss Wright Fld, Granville, Wisc 25/8/56
AB00433Request PreviewN13094Aeronca C-3 [A258]Curtiss Wright Fld, Granville, Wisc 31/8/57
AB00434Request PreviewN13691Russart-Paterpol Air CougerCurtiss Wright Fld, Granville, Wisc 1954
Type tbc (Poor writing on orig envelope!) Engine is from Ford Model 'A'
AB00435Request PreviewVH-BGUAuster J/5Rockhampton
AB00436Image AB00436VH-BPXde Havilland DH 82a Tiger Moth [83495]Air Spray Corporation [2]Rockhampton 16/9/60
with spraybars
AB00437Request PreviewN6484DEaves Cougar [1]L Eves, OklahomaRochford 6/8/59
AB00438Image AB00438G-AHZAShort S-25 Sandringham 5 [SH.34C]BOAC [Penzance]Hamworthy 3/8/1955
No BOAC titles
AB00439Image AB00439G-AHKVde Havilland DH 89a Rapide 6 [6792]Automobile Assn
AB00440Request PreviewG-AOVZJodel D.140 Mousquetaire [42]Kidlington
AB00441Image AB00441G-AHHWAuster J/1 Autocrat [1995]
AB00442Request PreviewN5386NAero Commander 520W E Bakke
AB00443Request PreviewN90PSmith DSA-1 Miniplane [FWS 1]Dorothy SmithGreater Rochford, Ill 8/8/50
Builder F W Smith
AB00444Request PreviewN90PSmith DSA-1 Miniplane [FWS 1]Dorothy SmithGreater Rochford, Ill 8/8/50
Builder F W Smith
AB00445Request PreviewN1095PPiper PA-23 Apache [23-104]Mitchell Field, Mil 22/2/56
AB00446Request PreviewN3301PPiper PA-23 ApacheSioux City Dressed Beef IncMitchell Field, Mil 16/1/60