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Cat#sort iconPreviewIdentSubjectOperatorLocationQualityRemarks
AB00197Image AB00197VH-SSXEdgar Percival EP.9 Prospector [27]Super Spread Aviation
AB00198Request PreviewVH-WGBCessna 120
AB00199Request PreviewN39X16Fleet XXXXRavenswood, Il 9/55
regn not vis.
AB00200Request PreviewN60106St Louis PT-19A-SLDecatur Municipal, Ih 6/13/56
USAAF Serial 42-50046
AB00201Image AB00201N69779Beech AT-11 KansanMitchell Field, Milwaukee 17/3/51
AB00202Image AB00202VH-RNDDHC DHC-1 Chipmunk [C1/0092]Broadmeadow 2/60
AB00203Request PreviewVH-AUBCAC P-51D Mustang
regn partly obscured by wing ()
AB00204Request PreviewN2339SGlobe Swift 125
AB00205Request Preview6789012Lockheed P-38L LightningUSAAC [W:KI]Wright Patterson 2/8/62
AB00206Image AB00206VH-TAEDouglas C-47A [12056]Trans-Australia Air LinesHarewood 1960
AB00207Request PreviewN6240BAero Commander 500Harewood 1960
AB00208Image AB00208VH-RNAAuster J/5g AutocarBroadmeadow 2/60
AB00209Image AB00209I-AOGOde Havilland DH 104 Heron Srs 2 [14077]Itavia [Citta di Roma]Biggin Hill 1961
AB00210Image AB00210N9458TCessna 210 CenturianUaveland (?) (Aus) 17/4/60
AB00211Image AB00211OK-KMDZlin Z-225[Ikrotal]
AB00212Image AB00212VH-SSVEdgar Percival EP.9 Prospector [28]Super Spread Aviation Pty LtdRockhampton 1959
AB00213Image AB00213HB-TAWLet L-40 Meta SokolBlecherette 1/5/60
AB00214Request PreviewOO-CCHPiper PA-23 Apache
10 unidentified RAF Ansons in background
AB00215Request PreviewN6556YPiper PA-23 250 AztecKidlington
ferry markings
AB00216Request PreviewG-APVYPiper PA-25 150 Pawnee [25-168]
AB00217Request PreviewG-AWDLPiper PA-25 235 Pawnee [25-4511]Kidlington
AB00218Request PreviewG-ARVTPiper PA-28 160 Cherokee [28-379]
AB00219Request PreviewG-AVWLPiper PA-28 140 Cherokee [28-24000]Kidlington
AB00220Request PreviewG-AVWOPiper PA-28R 180 Arrow [28R-30205]Kidlington
AB00221Request PreviewG-AVWRPiper PA-28R 180 Arrow [28R-30242]Kidlington
AB00222Request PreviewG-AWBTPiper PA-30 Twin Comanche [30-1668]Kidlington
AB00223Request PreviewN8231YPiper PA-30 Twin ComancheKidlington
ferry markings
AB00224Request PreviewN9076YPiper PA-31 NavajoKidlington
ferry markings
AB00225Request PreviewG-ARITTemco Twin-Navion [NAV-4-1832]
AB00226Request PreviewG-ARXFPiper PA-23 250 Aztec B [27-2015]
AB00227Request PreviewG-ARLJPiper PA-23 150 Apache [23- 127]Kidlington
AB00228Request PreviewG-ARLIPiper PA-23 150 Apache [23- 120]
AB00229Request PreviewG-AREWPiper PA-23 150 Apache [23- 250]
wing of adjacent a/c in shot
AB00230Request PreviewG-ARJDPiper PA-22 108 Colt [22-8262]Oxford Aviation (CSE)
AB00231Request PreviewG-ARTBMooney M.20B Mark 21 [1866]
AB00232Request PreviewG-ARNAMooney M.20B Mark 21 [1806]
AB00233Request PreviewG-ARNYSAN D.117 Grand Tourisme [595]Redhill
AB00234Request PreviewG-AVZCHughes 269b [450189]Kidlington
AB00235Request PreviewG-AVVSHughes 269b [284]Kidlington
AB00236Request PreviewG-AVUMHughes 269b [670317]Kidlington
AB00237Request PreviewG-ATGYGardan GY-80 Horizon 160 [121]Kidlington
AB00238Request PreviewG-ARHGForney F-1a Aircoupe [5738]
AB00239Image AB00239G-ARTVEdgar Percival EP.9 Prospector [39]
AB00240Request PreviewG-ARHZRollason Druine D.62a Condor [RAE/602 & PFA/2][#6]
AB00241Request PreviewG-AVRVRollason Druine D.62b Condor [RAE/623]
AB00242Image AB00242PH-KLSde Havilland DH 104 DoveFlashbandGatwick
Was only on Dutch register for 4 weeks! Thanks to Jim Brazier for correcting the location.
AB00243Request PreviewG-AREGde Havilland DH 104 Dove 1b [04061]
No titles
AB00244Image AB00244G-AHJSde Havilland DH 89a Rapide [6967]
AB00245Request PreviewG-ARFFBeech A65 Queen Air [LC-50]Shorts
people in shot
AB00246Request PreviewVP-YGZBeech B 35 Bonanza